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Monday, 29 July 2013

A heart touching message..... by a woman

A heart touching message..... by a woman..."

Some one asked her.......

Are you a working woman or a house-wife ??
She replied : Yes I am a full time working house-wife.

I work 24 hours a day.....
I'm a "mum",
I'm a wife,
I'm a daughter,
I'm a daughter-in-law.....
I'm an Alarm clock,
I'm a Cook,
I'm a Maid,
I'm a Teacher,
I'm a waiter,
I'm a nanny,
I'm a nurse,
I'm a handyman,
I'm a Security officer,
I'm a Counsellor,
I'm a comforter,
I don't get holidays,
I don't get sick leave,
I don't get day off......
I work through day and night.....
I'm on call......
all hours and get paid with a sentence.....

"what do you do all day"

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Powerful Arab Muslim Woman in 2012 Sheikha Lubna

Shaikha Lubna Al Qasimi, UAE Minister of Foreign Trade, has been voted the most powerful Arab woman in 2012 by Forbes magazine.
During a special course called “A Success Story”, hosted by Ajman’s Municipality and Planning Department, Shaikha Lubna spoke about her school days and excellent performance, she also talked about a scholarship awarded to her by the late Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan to the US where she studied IT, a specialisation which was not available at the time in the UAE.
There is a “keen interest in advancing women’s role in social and economic development” within the UAE’s leadership, she added.
Shaikha Lubna Al Qasimi has Honorary Doctorates in Science, Law and Economics from California State University, the University of Exeter and the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Korea), respectively.
She was included in The Wall Street Journal’s “50 International Women to Watch,” was named “The Most Powerful Arab Woman” in the Forbes magazine list of the World’s Most Powerful Women in 2012,” and was chosen as the “Most Powerful Arab Woman” by Arabian Business magazine.

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